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Children & Youth

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I am a child or youth and need someone to talk to about the dying or death of someone close to me.2019-05-01T15:25:33-04:00

You may find the resources below on how to talk to children about illness and death helpful

  • Heart House Hospice has the Help Us Understand Grief Program (HUUG).  The HUUG program offers in-home visits to support children and youth (up to the age of 18) who are living with the dying or death of a family member. Please contact the HUUG program to obtain more information about their program. Click here to access their website.
  • Kids
    • Includes a series of 3 learning modules that provide strategies and talking points to help caregivers address tough subjects with a grieving child.
  • Children and Youth Grief
    • Features access to additional resources, a video series on how to support grieving children at school, and an interactive map displaying services available in Region of Peel and GTA.
  • Lighthouse for Grieving
    • Facilitates peer support groups for bereaved children and teens (ages 3-19). Parents and guardians are welcome to attend adult peer support groups which are offered at the same time as the children/teen groups.
  • Bereaved Families of Ontario (Halton/Peel)
    • Offers an art expression grief support group for youth and young adults (ages 14-29), and one-to-one support and a variety of open/closed grief support groups for adults.
  • Canadian Mental Health Association (Peel/Dufferin) –
    • Includes mental health and additions resources, access to crisis support, and individual and peer support services for youth.
  • You may also obtain additional resources through the following websites:

I am 13 years or older and I have cancer2019-04-08T11:09:20-04:00

If you have cancer you may get side effects from treatment or symptoms from the cancer. We have created 10 patient guides to help you and your loved ones manage your symptoms. The guides are filled with easy to understand, practical tips for what you should do and when to get help from your healthcare team.
For more information click here for more guides.

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network was created by a group of Canadians concerned about cancer and cancer survivorship issues.