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Quality Improvement resources for organizations & teams providing palliative care

Quality Improvement

What is Quality Improvement?

Quality Improvement (QI) is a systematic, formal approach to the analysis of practice performance and efforts to improve performance – from the

Basics of Quality Improvement. The IHI Model for Improvement is a framework used to guide quality improvement work.

The CWPCN is involved in a number of Quality Improvement projects aimed at improving the delivery of palliative care across the Central West region.

The Central West Early Palliative Identification Project

The CWPCN in partnership with the CWCCAC is leading a quality improvement project aimed at broadening access to palliative care through the early and timely identification of patients with palliative needs within the Central West region. The project begun in the fall of 2015 and was initially piloted at the CWCCAC. To learn more about this project, or to be involved, please contact Margaret Paan at margaret.paan@cw.ccac-ont.ca

We would love to include your quality improvement projects aimed at improving palliative care in the Central West region on this site to enhance information sharing and highlight the great work that you do.

Contact Rita Khamis at rita.khamis@cw.ccac-ont.ca if you would like your project listed in this section.